How to Fix a MacBook Magsafe Power Adapter/Supply




Introduction: How to Fix a MacBook Magsafe Power Adapter/Supply

wire's getting hot and your adapter should be used to cook some eggs? OK! it's time to fix the power cord and make it immediately 'cos your batteries are out of charge uh?
Just some tape, a flat destroyable surface and a good knife. Yes, a good knife.

Step 1: Opening

using a hand for maintaining the adapter vertical you can use the other hand to safely engrave the glued line between the two half boxes. Be aware that the components inside are very close to the external shield you're cutting. 

Make the same with the other 3 sides..

Step 2: Get the Wires Exposed

Watch at the adapter inside and delicately put the main body a little out of the body (it helps you watch at the wires). If needed use the knife to force it. 

in order to have a longest exposed wire remove patiently the first internal part of the wire blocker. It's made of a strong rubber and it has a black and harder kernel in wich the coaxial cable (why Steve, WTFW?) is plunged.

Cut the wires, chopping it over the interrupted point.

Step 3: Connect the Cables and Fix It Somehow

the external coaxial cable is very delicate. Be careful to not cut off the single wires that compose the cable. Separate them in a longer and a shorter exposed cables, respectively the external and the internal cables.

I've fixed it with a plastic strip (dead blocked) and twisted the cables together.

Step 4: Wrapping the Exposed Wires and Close the Enclosure

Simply wrap the cables with a good and stable tape. Close the box and have fun. You should want to use the tape on the first part of the fixed cable. Probably you should use a little plastic cilinder for fixing it. 

Black is the new white uh?

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    6 years ago

    2 things for safety and elegance: there is a better way to open, and to close.
    a) for opening, crack from the inside - consider there are just some tiny glued borders. This way you are sure of not cutting any internal part. That for, go to the corners the two integrated cable benders, and lift them. Then use force there to opening, like long nosed and/or flat pliers. Remember that the pliers has to have a shape able to make pressure from inside out, our point is not to press something inside the plier, but outside its nose. Maybe you can use other devices. Anyway, when you cracked both sides open, it will be very easy to finish opening it.
    b) For closing it just use some super glue - just make sure you hold both sides enough time strongly together
    My first magsafe cable replacement made it look really awful, but the second time I did it, it just could be recognized as opened with a really close look.

    PD: don't understand what you are repairing. The cable is broken? in which segment? In the union with the adapter? in my case it was the end at the computer, but had the parts from another magsafe to replace the whole cable. Or are you adapting a new kind of cable (coaxial) to lower the cable resistance and make the adapter become less hot? Then, how do you proceed at the other end?

    Best greetings