How to Fix a Broken Umd Disk for Psp Game System.

Introduction: How to Fix a Broken Umd Disk for Psp Game System.

many ways to fix a broken umd disk this is one of them.

Step 1: Intro.

This is how to fix a broken umd disk.Ibroke mine by taking it out of the case and it ripped the front case cover right off of it.
okey thats all we have time for chit chatting so.. lets get started.

Step 2: Things You Need.

things that you will need listed below.

1.glue stick.

2.broken umd disk. wont realy need a psp but just grab it if you have it.

4.a place to put your drying umd disk
thats it lets get started.

Step 3: 1. Step.

You take the disk out of the umd cover.
and i plased the psp printed side DOWN.

Step 4: Step 2.

glue the eges of the umd cover dont get to mutch on the inside of the cover though.

Step 5: Step 3. Final.

Finaly put the disk in the umd cover and press two sides of cover so they become glued together.
i hope you like it and when youre done put your umd game some place to dry for the night or for an hour.
that is it and i hope you liked
woops i said that twice. :P


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