Introduction: How to Fix the Arduino Nano to a Surface

Hello to you all and grettings from Portugal.
For some time that I have been playing twith the arduino Nano.
Since the begining that I hada problem on how to fix the Nano to a surface due to the very small holes in the board (its only 1.7mm).
Together with my father-in-law we developed a very simple solution that might be usefull for anyone working with arduino boards and shields.

You can use any of material as a suport material. You just need to be carefull that you choos a non conductive material.
Just make it a bit bigger than your arduino or shield. Arduino nano has the following dimensions 18.5mm x 44mm. So I cuted a piece of suport material of 22mm x 65mm.

Now using electric wire just cut two wires and bend it as in the picture. Leave part of the isolation material of the wire so it doesnt make any accidental electric contact with the board.

On the suport material drill 4 holes so it matches the suport holes from the board.

Just pass the electic wire ans in the picture and bend it below the suport material as seen in the picture