Introduction: How to Fix Your Gensace Power Battery in GAUI X3

Some of my friends told me that their have a helicopter crashed due to the battery unfixed, so I’d like to share a practical way to fix your Gens ace power battery in GAUI X3, same as uavs battery ,maybe it’s a very simple problem, but almost all the players or freshman will meet it and don’t know how to handle it. Hope my ways can help the guys who are playing GAUI X3 or are going to play it. OK, Let’s start:

Step 1: First, Found a New Battery Board.

Stick the 3M magic double sided glue.

Noted that I bind my balanced socket with thermostability adhesive tape, it can avoid being scratched when flying.

Stick the other side 3M magic glue in both side of the battery.

We can see there is empty space in the battery board, we should find the center of gravity so that we can control our helicopter well while play it.

OK, starts the way, we need the following materials.

1 It’s the most simple and practical way, using a magic binding, but its fixation strength will reduce after frequently using.It will be better to use two magic bindings, it can reduce waggle and have a perfect flying.

2 Binding the fiber adhesive tape in the battery board, it’s the way I use. Condition is every battery should have a board.It’s enough binding one round fiber adhesive tape, because we have the double-sided glue already.I binding my battery in the front and back, it’s easy for me to take it down when I need change a new battery. I use the authentic fiber adhesive tape, so I can use it until the battery lose efficacy.

Step 2: It’s Safe and Convenient Way

That’s all the way, I recommend the second way, it’s safe and convenient, we are not going to worry our battery falling down. Thank you for your watching.