How to Fix Your Leaking Fork Seals on Any Dirt Bike or Motorcycle With Seal Mate




Introduction: How to Fix Your Leaking Fork Seals on Any Dirt Bike or Motorcycle With Seal Mate

Sealmate is specifically designed to fix your leaking fork seals on all types of motorcycles, dirt bikes and mountain bikes. Often times fork seals get replaced even though they do not need to be instead the dirt and debris needs to be removed from the seals. Seal Mate is the only tool that will safely remove the debris. For only about $5 you could save hundreds also the time and effort it takes to replace them yourself or the downtime for bringing it into the shop. Visit

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    5 years ago

    made one out of a bus card and it worked for about a week. kind of half assed it too so im guna give it another shot


    7 years ago on Introduction

    It doesn't 'fix' the seal, it removes debris causing leak or pushes some into fork so it wears out faster

    The majority of fork seals have at least 3 'lips' to seal against the fork tube plus a double lip dust seal

    There is only one way to fix seals, replace them. Part of the cost is the amount of work involved in changing seals in cartridge forks plus you really do need special suspension fluid for forks to work properly.

    You could probably make one from an old credit card for free


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Can this work for a mountain bike fork? Or is there a different product for that?