How to Fix Your Semi-expensive Steve Madden Shoes When the Sole Comes Off



Introduction: How to Fix Your Semi-expensive Steve Madden Shoes When the Sole Comes Off

I'm Writing this instructable because i'm kinda upset and want to make a point.. I'm upset because the damm quality of products we buying is totally crap... and i want to point that even though stuff you buy and it falls apart.. you can still fix it.. I'm doing this one because i had some epoxy glue i never got to use for the last Gorilla glue contest.. Two.. because fixing and recycling is greener for the environment..

I bought this pair of Steve Madden shoes thinking price commends higher quality shoe.. However, for the last two weeks i have come to find out that this is not the case.. I bought this par of shoes about a year ago.. they still look great and have plenty of sole and life left in them.. however, the glue holding the sole to the shoe is falling apart in both shoes.. as you can see in the pictures.. 1/4 of the sole is off my shoe..

I had these shoes for less than a year and even after contacting their customer service i was told the best they could do was a 10 dollar coupon for my next purchase... purchase i will not be making.. so keep your stupid coupon!!

This could be easly prevented by the manufacturer.. by using a bit more glue or higher quality glue.. or like the good old days.. actually stitch the sole to the shoe.. but that would be crazy.. guess that is asking too much..

So here we are.. how are we going to fix this..


You need some high quality glue.. i'm using Gorilla epoxy glue..
Some small clamps to keep the pressure...
10 mins

and you are done

Step 1: Mix and Apply the Glue

Mix the epoxy glue..

Apply the Glue..

Wait a little bit so the glue gets a bit sticky

double check you didnt miss any spots

Step 2: Apply Clamps and Wait Overnight

Once you have the glue all set up.. you need to apply constant pressure.. you can either wait there for the next several hours.. or you can use small clamps..

you can use a weight.. but make sure you provide enough even pressure..

let it wait

and voila... you have working shoes

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