Introduction: How to Fold an Origami Crane

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Things that you will need:
1.) any size square sheet of paper( i'm using a 6in. piece of origami paper; white on one side, and color on the other side.)
2.) it would be helpful to have 2 hands.
3.) close to perfect folds for every single step.
4.) patience( if you don't understand a step and start to rage; take a minute to relax and then come back to the step you don't understand when you feel calm enough to try again.
5.) LETS BEGIN! :)

Step 1: Fold Diagnols Both Ways

Step 2: Fold Halves Both Ways

Step 3: It Should Now Look Like This

Step 4: Fold Left and Right Corner of Diamond to the Bottom and Squash Top Down

Step 5: Fold Sides/bottom to Middle Like This and Repeat on the Back Side

Step 6: Fold Triangle on Top Down Like Shown Front and Back

Step 7: Open Both Flaps Front and Back

Step 8: Lift Up Bottom Up to the Dotted Lines and Follow the Pictures (do Front and Back)

this part is a bit tricky but gets easier the more you do it!

Step 9: It Should Now Look Like This With Bottom Part Split in Half As Show in the Pictures

Step 10: Repeat Step 5 on Both Sides

Step 11: Turn to Side and Open Both Flaps Front and Back

Step 12: Lift Front and Back Up As Far As It Will Go to the Top

Step 13: Turn to Side and Repeat Step 11

Step 14: Pull the Side/inside Flaps Out Till It Looks Like This

Step 15: Take One Side and Make a Head Like This

Step 16: Fold Wings Down As Far As It Goes and Pull Them Back Up So the Wings Spread Out

Step 17: We Are Finally Done! Yayyyyy