Introduction: How To: Format Your SD Card Back to the Original Size (WINDOWS)

After writing any image with an OS for your raspberry pi, you may have notice that no matter the size of your SD card, windows can only recognize one partition with about 60 mb. If you try to format it in the Computer menu (righ-click on it and press format), it will only free the space in that partition, to have access to the full space you have two options (only one is needed):
- SIMPLE PROCESS: step 1 - SD Formatter
- ADVANCED PROCESS: step 2 - DiskPart

Step 1: SIMPLE PROCESS: SD Formatter

1 - Download and install this software (from the SD card Organization) :

2 - Open the program, and select the right drive (in my case is G:), after that just click "FORMAT"

3 - You have just formatted your SD card! CONGRATULATIONS


1 - Go to the windows start button, write diskpart and press "enter"

2 - Wait a few seconds and write on this order:
- "list disk" - shows you the disks that are currently connected to the computer;
- "select disk X" - substitute x with the number of the disk
- "clean" - deletes all the data in the SD (you may have to remove and reinsert the card after this step)
- "create partition primary" - creates a partition in the sd
- "format quick" - makes a quick format

3 - You have just formatted your SD card! CONGRATULATIONS