Introduction: How to Get FREE 9 Volt Batteries (legally)

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In this simple instructable I am going to show you how to get FREE 9 volt Batteries legally. The process I am telling you about I have done only twice but have already gotten 27 free batteries! and it only takes a few minutes and is great way to save a little money and the earth at the same time!

Step 1: To the Theater

So here is the trick. A lot of times when people are preforming on stage they use wireless microphones that run on 9 volt batteries. They through them out because they don't want to risk having a microphone go out. Well a lot of people throw out the 9 volt batteries after every performance but most of the batteries are still perfectly good. The best place to get your batteries is probably a local community performance or a high school production. Well to get the batteries I would recommend going to the performance ( supporting the show) and then after the show is over going up the people running the sound board and ask them if they have any extra batteries that they are no longer using. Be sure to treat these people (everyone for that matter) with respect because they are helping you. Be kind, use your "please and thank yous". After you and have done this a few times you might want to ask them if you can set up a bucket for them to put the batteries in. If they agree you can make a bucket labeled "Old batteries" with a slot in the top big enough for a 9 volt battery but not any bigger because you don't want your bucket to be confused with a trash can. I have done this multiple times and they have always given me the batteries. The batteries are really still good and out of the 27 batteries the average voltage was 8.5 which is not to bad. It peaked at 9.25 for one battery (probably someone with a small part) and 7.57 for the lowest (a lead I would imagine.)
Here are a few ideas for new batteries:
Joule Thief: Since the batteries might not have all of the juice this might be a good idea.
Recycle Your Old 9 Volt Batteries: Use the battery clips for other projects.
YAN9VUSBC (Yet Another 9 Volt USB Charger)
These are just a few ideas but the use for these batteries are endless.

Please feel free to comment and/or rate me if you have any questions about the instructable or enjoyed.
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Shouts= goodhart, GRL

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