How to Get Master of Orion 2 on Android

Introduction: How to Get Master of Orion 2 on Android

Before we get started you're going to need a few things:

  1. An Android device
  2. A file manager (I use arc file manager)
  3. A text editor
  4. A DOS emulator (I use anDOSBox but another should work just fine)
  5. A digital copy of Master of Orion II

Step 1: Setting Up Folders

At this point, you should have a file manager, a text editor, and a dos emulator all installed on your device. Before we start mucking around with DOSBox and the like, we have to set up a folder to contain all the games. Open up your file manager and create a new folder titled "dos". Take note of where the folder is created because we'll need that information when telling DOSBox where to mount the c drive.

Step 2: Configuring DOSBox

Now for the fun part, configuring DOSBox. You'll have to locate the "*filename*.conf" file for your emulator. Mine is located in "/sdcard/andosbox.conf". You will have to change the following:

machine=svga_s3 #memsize=64 [render] #frameskip=1 [cpu] core=dynamic cputype=auto cycles=24000 #cycles=fixed 28000 [sblaster] sbtype=sb16 sbmixer=true oplmode=opl2 oplemu=fast oplrate=22050

[autoexec] mount c: /storage/emulated/0/dos c:

Some headers are left out because the default settings are fine. It is critical that "#memsize" is set to 64, otherwise the game will not start. If your dos folder is named something other than "dos" or its not in "/storage/emulated/0" then you will have to change [autoexec] accordingly.

Step 3: Adding Master of Orion to Your "dos" Folder

Download MOO2 here if you haven't already and move the zip to your "dos" folder. The files are all free floating within the zip so you'll want to extract it to a folder. I recommend naming the folder something convenient such as "moo2".

Step 4: Open Master of Orion II in AnDOSBox

Open up your emulator and start it. If you've completed all the steps correctly you should have your "dos" folder mounted as your c: drive and you should be inside it. Navigate to your Master of Orion folder with "cd moo2". If you don't remember what you called your folder you can use "dir" to show the contents of your "dos folder". Once inside "moo2", type in "orion2" and the game should start. If you are using anDOSBox, I highly recommend enabling "better mouse" in the settings. It gives a visible mouse that is controlled using your screen as a trackpad and is very helpful for clicking small buttons.

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    Question 3 years ago on Introduction

    Hey there. Thanks for the guide. Did you get the music working?


    Question 4 years ago

    The music in my game seems off somehow. Like it is slowed down or something. But the mouse seems to work fine. Not sure if there is a setting I can change or something to improve this.


    4 years ago

    How well does it play with just a 4" touch screen?


    Reply 4 years ago

    I think it will be tough. I have a 6 inch screen and clicking the little ship above the star can be tricky.