How to Get Power Armor on Fallout 3 at Any Level Glitch!

Introduction: How to Get Power Armor on Fallout 3 at Any Level Glitch!

Hello Friends, Guys and Girls today I will be teaching you how to get power armor on fallout 3 No matter what level (Note This is for Beginners at the most!)

Step 1: Step 1: Where Is the Citadel (The Place Where the Power Armor Is)

You want to search "The Capital Wasteland of Washington D.C." to find a place called the Citadel, This Loctaion is right across from The Arlington Library and Murbis Comics! (As seen on the Pip-Boy 3000)

Step 2: Step 2: How to Get Into the Citadel

When You first get there will be about 10 or More BOS (Brotherhood of Steel) Members. Try not to pull anything or they will ultimately slaughter you, Then you start you journey, There's a big building to the Northwest then you'll find a bunch Rummage you want to jump about 5-9 times then there's a little opening space you want to jump into the space and then you'll glitch into this spectrum of nothing... This means you'll have to search for the door to the citadel

(It was Hard to get images of the Rummage sorry that's my fault)

Step 3: Step 3: What Do You Do When You Get Into the Citadel

Go to Elder Lyons then he’ll tell you to go to Paladin Gunny He will “Train you” (You don’t go through training) after the “Training your set! Good luck friends (Pictures of Gunny and Lyons are above if you can't find them!)
(If this didn't help there might be a tutorials on YouTube)

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4 years ago

is the citadel near galaxy news radio?