Introduction: How to Get Vincent Valentine's Final Limit Break and Ultimate Weapon in FFVII!

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In the game Final Fantasy VII there are 2 secret characters, one of them is Vincent Valentine. Unlike other characters, Vincent's final Limit Break Chaos can only be obtained by doing a task that also gets him his ultimate weapon Death Penalty. Heres how you get them. Just so you know THIS IS NOT A TUTORIAL ON HOW TO GET CHAOS AND DEATH PENALTY IN DIRGE OF CERBERUS

Step 1: The Crystal Cave

You get Chaos and Death Penalty in the Crystal Cave, although in FFVII its called ???. But you cant go to the cave anytime you want in the game. You can only get to the crystal cave once you get the Submarine. After you get the Submarine, you have to go underwater and find an underwater cave, tunnel, thing. I would tell you where it is but i dont know where it is exactly. I do know that it is near the city of Junon. Once you get through you shoud be in a circular place. Return to the surface and youll be in a round lake thing with a waterfall. Get off the submarine at the edge of the lake and walk over to the waterfall and youll end up inside the crystal cave.

Step 2: Vincent and Lucrecia

Whe you go in you will see a women appear. Vincent runs up to her and calls her Lucrecia. Then you will see flashbacks that show Vincnet in a suit (in Dirge of Cerberus it is revealed that he was in fact a Turk) and Lucrecia and Hojo. It shows them in the library of the Shinra mansion in Nibleheim. It shows stuff like Hojo shooting Vincent and what looks like him experimenting on Vincent (if you want to know more about Vincent and his past and his connections to Hojo and Lucrecia get the game Dirge of Cerberus for PS2). After this leave the Cave

Step 3: 10 Random Battles

After you watch the flashbacks, leave the cave and fight 10 random battles. Once you do this go back to the Crystal Cave and you will find an item called Chaos and Vincent's ultimate Weapon Death Penalty

Step 4: Chaos and Death Penalty

Now just equip the Death Penalty to Vincent then go to items. Find Chaos on your item list and click on it and equip it to Vincent. Now just go to limit Breaks and set Vincents limit break on Chaos. You now have Chaos and the Death Penalty so go beat up some monsters!

Also heres a cool glitch called the Death Penalty glitch which lets you kill any enemie, even superbosses, with Vincent's Death Penalty in one shot! To find out how to do it, go to this link