Introduction: How to Get Windows Live Messenger on Your PSP. �

Hello and welcome to my first instructable. In this tutorial, i will be showing you how to get Windows Live Messenger on your PSP.


--> PSP Slim/fat
--> A computer with the net
--> PSP USB cable
--> WinRAR
--> and this site,

Step 1: Downloading the Software.

Now all you need to do is press the download button on he bottom of the page. When it pops up, just click save.
Now when it saves, right click on it and choose "extract files here" and it should extract the files to where you saved it.

Step 2: Transfering to Your PSP.

Now firstly you need to connect the PSP to the computer Via the USB cable. If your computer does what mine does, it should pop up with a box that says to either cancel or view files anf folders. If it does click "View files and folders button"
Connect Your PSP To The Computer.

After That Click PSP Then Common

Copy And Paste WLPM And Past It On Common

Step 3: Running the Program.

Now that you have transfer-ed the file, you need to disconnect the PSP from your computer.
Once you have, go to the internet browser on your PSP.

(It might help if you have wireless. if not go to a mates house like i did :P)

Now got and type this in to the address bar: FILE:/PSP/COMMON/WLPM/SCREEN.HTML

Now make sure you copy it correctly or else it wont work.

Step 4: Now You Are Finished!

Now it should be up and running and able to be used. go ahead and try it out!

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