Introduction: How to Get All the Music of Your Favorite Artist on Audials One

About: Audials is an innovative software company in the entertainment branche that makes it easy to record and capture all kind of online streams. We decided to use instructables as a highly frequented online portal …

In our first instructable we were talking about how to record music from any plattform. Today we want to focus on how to specifically get all the music from your favorite artist.

Everybody has this one special artist of who you can't get enough. Maybe you have seen him on a concert or have his poster in your room. Because you like that artist so much you also want literally all his music including remixes, life versions and covers. Maybe you have already started to buy some of his music but the collection is getting very expensive. Moreover unfortunately not all the music is available to buy.
Particularly the songs that are more 'special' are often times only distributed about multiple plattforms. So in this instructable we want to show you how you can get all this extraordinary music to save on your hard disc and to use on your mp3 player.

Step 1: Wish for a Missing Album

So let's say there is one album missing in your selection and you cannot get it anywhere online.

Now here is the solution: you can wish for the missing album by using the software Audials One!

The screenshots demonstrate of how to exactly use the wishing function auf Audials. As shown you simply have to type in the name of your artist and select the album that you desire.

Basically Audials is surveiling all radio stations and multiple streaming sites. If your wished song is played it will be automatically recorded and saved to your hard disc.

The best part about that is that you don't have to wait for the song to actually being played. You just enter your wished songs and you are free, as long as you keep your computer turned on. You will see that it is actually pretty convenient.

Step 2: Use the Community to Enhance Your Music Selection

The previous part has shown you how to use the wishlist function of Audials in order to save music of your favorite artist. But there is an even easier way if you are specifically looking for the music of a certain artist.

Audials has a basis of users that are thankfully uploading created wishlists to the community and make them open for all. Well you can use this work and by one click get playlists related to your favorite artist!

Follow this link to visit our community. Here you can simply search for your selected artist or check our top artists on the right hand side. If you would like one of the found wishlists, one click on the button 'Download' will create automatically the corresponding wishlist into Audials. Sounds nice doesn't it?

Step 3: Use the Music Search

If you specifically look for single songs or a record of your favorite concert this is your way to go. You just have to enter the music search in Audials and type in your song. Audials will screen a lot of different streaming sites (like Youtube, Soundcloud....) and song versions.

Now you can listen to the songs or watch the videos. One little click further and the song will be saved on your hard disc. It really is that easy and you will save quite some time using the integrated way of Audials to save your prefered music.