Introduction: How to Get Better Ads on Instructables

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Instructables has been invited to join Federated Media Publishing. FM Publishing represents websites like ours to marketers to get more engaging and relevant advertising. More advertising revenue helps us develop better features and be more responsive to your, always excellent, requests.

When I crack open a copy of some kiteboarding related magazine, I spend almost as much time looking at the ads as I do the articles: The pictures are gorgeous, it reminds me of good times, and I get to check out the latest gear. Now granted, I'm just as likely to build my own stuff as buy new, but I do like to look and get inspired about what to build next. In a good magazine, the ads don't get in my way, and, in fact, I'd probably miss them if they were gone.

I've always imagined that the web would soon reach this same level. So, I'm excited about working with FM Publishing because they will take us one step closer to this ideal. To make this work, I need your help. Check out this short survey. I just took it and it honestly required less than 2 minutes and doesn't require any personally identifying information (unless you want to give them your email address for further follow up). It doesn't even require that you be logged in or have an account with Instructables. Also, post comments with your thoughts on this process as a whole. The people at FM will be watching the comments and your input will be invaluable in creating the content you want to see.