Introduction: How to Get Fit in Days

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This guide will show you how to get fit in days and only 3 steps! So we hope this method of fitness works for you. So why not try it?

Step 1: The Beginning to Start Getting Arm Muscles Functioning

For this try squeezing something tight like these to make your arm muscles contract and expand which gradually works your muscles (try doing this process on both arms at the same time).

Step 2: Harder Work With the Arm Muscles

For this method if you are doing it the way im showing (lifting the weight with hand upright like the pic). your biceps and triceps work the most. Gradually increse the weights weight over time to work harder.

Step 3: Working Those Leg Muscles

For this well we will be exercising our lovely and helpful LEGS. Try riding a cycle/bike or stepping on a stepper or walking on a treadmill. This is super effective and can help a lot.

Step 4: Conclusion

We do hope this method worked for everyone who tried it and remember. Stay Healthy!
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