Introduction: How to Get Flappy Birds Free on Android No Computer

In this inscrutable, I will show you how to get flappy birds for free and without a computer.

Step 1: Aptoide

First you need to get aptoide. Aptoide is an app store that allows you to add other app stores to itself. In these app stores, there are a lot of different apps that Google play doesn't have, including flappy birds. So go to your browser and search for: aptoide.apk. It should be the first one in the search. Open the site and click download. Go to your downloads and open it up and install to your device.

Step 2: Getting Flappy Birds.

Open up aptoide and search for flappy birds. There will not be any results because your only searching on the aptoide store. So click the "search more" button. It will open up a search for flappy birds in the app stores that can be added to aptoide. Then you will see your flappy birds results. There are different results, so find one that is highly rated (picture 4). Then click install. When installing, it will ask you if you wants to add the store your downloading flappy birds from. This is optional and is not required to download flappy birds.

Step 3: You're Done! Enjoy!

Now you have flappy birds installed for free on your Android device. Comments, suggestions, and questions are appreciated. Thank you.