Introduction: How to Get From SK to Alsion

A little different take on an "instructable"... I'll "instruct" how you get from my home to university.
Along the way you'll catch a glimpse of lovely little sonderborg, too bad it was a grey-gray day otherwise I would've walked along the beach and past the harbour.

It would've been great if I could've made this instructable non-linear. :)

btw, Sonderborg is located on the Island of Als, in southern Denmark. So far south it's almost in Germany.

Step 1: Check the Weather!

This being Denmark AND autumn: before you leave ALWAYS look out the window, eventhough it's always grey and wet and windy this time of year it'll remind you to put on some proper shoes before heading out.

Step 2: Out the Door.

Turn left!

It's not the nicest view (the renovations are almost over, give them another 4 months) but well, it's about 8:30 now, who cares about the view at this time of day.

Step 3: Just Keep Going

Next to SK, is UK, the other "kollegiet" , student dorms where most of the students end up at some part of their stay in Sonderborg.

Step 4: Onto Skovvej

Turn left, onto Skovvej.
Not much to see here, it's still grey and windy and wet.

Step 5: Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road

Cross the road and keep walking, there's not much on this side of town, just family homes

See those little flags in the extra picture? Danes and their flags, they're everywhere, one out of three houses has a flagpole in front... and you can get fined if you forget to bring the full-size flag back in before nightfall. Apparently that's why many people have the mini-version (me thinks it's really because it gets too windy for full-size flags).
Those flagpoles are so popular you can now by TV-antennas that double as flagpoles.

Step 6: Ringrider - Shortcut

Turn right at the Airteam sign.
If it's really windy you're better off going straight and then taking a right, we're taking a shortcut over the "Ringriderplads" an open space where the wind has free reign... especially when it's raining it'll cut straight through you.

Also, when it's dark, watch out for the low-flying alien saucers. They're dogs with blinking lights on their collars, the dogs are usually not the problem though: It's the leash tied to the doggy's owner that'll trip you up.

Step 7: Over the Ringriderplads

walk across the field diagonally, simply keep on the asphalt and you won't go wrong.

The general purpose square of Sonderborg, from monster truck madness to beerfests.. and of course the actual "ringriding" (a thing with lots of horses with drunk people who try to aim a very big stick through a very small hole).

Note the little kiddie in the ski-suit. It's the standard outfit for any kid that can walk but can't argue over its own clothes yet.

Step 8: Almost Into Town

turn left towards the traffic lights. (almost halfway now, 8.45.)

A lot of schools are in this area, from the german kindergarten to gymnasiums (one of which has a weird statue of a guy on a chair which no Dane has managed to explain to me)

Step 9: Through Town.

keep on following the road into town,
First you'll pass Netto & Kvikly (gotta love that spelling) two competing supermarkets, accross the road from each other. Often you'll find the same products in both, but Netto's cheaper!

Step 10: City Hall

Keep following the road, when in doubt, turn away from the "fat" lady and pass the polser shop.

Weirdest thing about sonderborg: people (germans :) drive up here... to get married. In summer you'll find people in their best clothes sipping champagne out of plastic cups, chilled in picnic baskets.

The always thoughtful Danes at the tourist office also provide a doggy-bar, so "inclusive" :D

Step 11: Down to the Bridge

No time for shopping today, so turn left down towards the church and the bridge.

Step 12: Left at the German Church

Take a left down to the bridge.

This is the "german church", not sure why it's called german but it's different from the Danish white-and-square things you normally see around here.

The church is perfect for checking whether I'm late or not... it's 8.55... guess I'll be , class starts at 9!

Step 13: Over the Bridge

Can't go much wrong on a bridge... just keep walking and try not to get blown over by a sudden gust of wind. But do take your time to have a look over the harbour (in summer full of a yachts, 3 rows deep) and the "castle".
On the other side of the bridge there's a house easily winning the prize for worst location ever. caught between the main road into town (and until they built the new bridge, the only road onto the island) and the old railroad tracks... even more amazing is that the owner recently renovated it and built a small roofterrace, can't wait to stare into the headlights of the oncoming traffic.

Step 14: Zebra Crossing

Take a right over the pedestrian crossing and down to Alsion, we're almost there...

Accross the water you can see the military school (their clock is always stuck at 9) and the hospital (Fraenzi works in the 4th tower from the right)

The banner on the side of Alsion is about Frank Gehry's plan to redevelop the waterfront in front of the military school, it's a huge project (so far they've burned through all the funding, just pay Gehry's fee... or so the rumour goes :)

Step 15: Alsion

We've arrived! Turn right, and take the elevator to the 4th floor.
You can find me in the Interaction Studio.

Hope you enjoyed the walk,