How to Get Into the Dark BrotherHood/ the Elder Scrolls 5

Introduction: How to Get Into the Dark BrotherHood/ the Elder Scrolls 5

Hello everyone. Today is the day where you are going to know how to get in the Dark BrotherHood. The way I am going to show you will be quite different from others. Lets get to it then.

Step 1: Getting Directions

First what you want to do is fast travel to riften (note if you don't know where riften is, it is in the far right ant the bottom)

Step 2: Finding Honorhall Orphanage

When you get to riften you will want to find a place called Honorhall Orphanage.

Step 3: Going in

Now what you want to do is go in the orphanage and listen to the old lady(note she is not kind)

Step 4: Who Is Aventus

Now what you want to do is talk to anyone of the kids they will tell you about Aventus. They will tell you to go to Windhelm

Step 5: Talk to Aventus Aretino Quest

They will tell you who he is. Then a quest will come up. "Talk to Aventus Aretino"
(Make sure you set the quest.)

Step 6: Going to Aventus's House

Now what you want to do is get out side and fast travel to Windhelm(Note Windhlem is just southwest from riften)

Step 7: Windhelm

Once you spawn you will want to follow the map on the top if you set the waypoint.

Step 8: Lock Picking Aretino Residence

Once you find the house you will want to unlock the house (it's a novice lock so it should not be that hard) Also make sure you are sneaking

Step 9: Black Sacrament

You want to talk to him and he will think that you are the dark brotherhood. He will tell you about the black sacrament.

Step 10: Innocence Lost

He will tell you about the contract and ask you to kill Grelod the Kind.

Step 11: Going Back Again

Now what you want to do is fast travel to Riften again and go back to the Honorhall orphanage.

Step 12: Killing Grelod the Kind

Now it does not matter how you kill Grelod. (One tip I used a glass bow with the glass arrows.) make sure you are also sneaking

Step 13: Telling Aventus That Grelod Is Dead

Fast travel back to Windhelm and tell Aventus that she is dead. He will be so happy

Step 14: I Did This for a Plate

He will give you a family heirloom that is worth 100 gold.

Step 15: Time Flies

Now what you want to go is go outside and hit the back button for 24 hours. (To make time go faster hit the xbox home button if you are on the Xbox 360)

Step 16: Mysterious Note

Once you wait, fast travel to Whiterun or any place. I chose Whiterun because it is just a nice town. When you spawn you should be approached by a courier. He will give you a note. Read note.

Step 17: We Know

The note will say the words "We Know"

Step 18: Rest Your Eyes for a While

Once you read the note go to an inn, (if you have a house you can also go there) and go to sleep. Sleep for 5 hours

Step 19: With Friends Like These

When you awaken you will see Astrid. She will tell you to kill one of the captives that are behind you. (Note you want to kill all of them.)

Step 20: Going Above and Beyond

Once you have killed all of them you want to go back to Astrid and talk to her she will invite you to go to the dark brotherhood.

Step 21: Silence My Brother

Once you are at the dark brotherhood door like she told you you need to say "Silence my Brother."

Step 22: Welcome Brother

Once you get inside you want to talk to Astrid she will tell you that you are apart of the dark brotherhood. Once you are done speak to her she will give you the dark brotherhood outfit.

Step 23: Your Turn

Once you speak with Nazir he will tell you about your contract. This is where I leave you. Go on your travels and kill till you heart contents. Goodbye hope you enjoyed it. Thank You.

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