How to Get Lots of Views on Youtube

Introduction: How to Get Lots of Views on Youtube

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Ok. You want to make a youtube account to put yourself out there, make yourself known. Trouble is, NO ONE'S FINDING YOU. What do you do to get more views? The following may be helpful.

Step 1: Make a Good Username Part 1

Seriously. If you've got a username like, " i<3justinbeiber" then NO ONE WILL WANT TO PAY ANY ATTENTION TO YOU. Come up with something cool, that describes you or how you want to be AS LONG AS IT IS NOT TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY LAME. Remember, you aim to be seen by tons of people. People judge.

Step 2: Make a Good Username Part 2

DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT make it your real name. Seriously. Haymitch Abernathy does NOT approve of that because it shows that you are LAME and that you shame the earth you walk upon. Just a suggestion. DON'T PISS OFF HAYMITCH, MAN!!!!! Above is Haymitch disapproving

Step 3: REALLY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!! Part 1

Figure out what kinds of videos you want to upload. I suggest things having to do with stuff that many people are interested in. Keep in mind the sort of people you want to see and comment to your videos.

Step 4: REALLY IMPORTANT!!!!!!! Part 2

Make sure to comment on lots of videos that you like. When you do so, your comment will show up, as well as a link to your profile page. This means that other users will be able to see your comment, and will be able to click the link to your page. This is how you get yourself known.


This is the end of the How To. For my friends AK-47 and Annabella: Haymitch approves!!! We came up with "Haymitch approves" but some asshole stole our idea. K. Stay cool, bros.

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    6 years ago

    My username is MAKCAH's play. Is it good?


    what do you think of the username sailorgallifrey?

    if u don't understand it, google sailor moon and doctor who ;)