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Introduction: How to Get Pastel Hair

About: My name is Danielle. My instructable are focused on hair tutorials. I love cats more than anything (:

I'm making a pastel pinky/purple colour.
Before you start this tutorial you MUST have extremely light hair, mine is a pearl blonde.

(I know this is different from my usual plushie tutorials but what can you do).

((I look so terrified in photos)).

Step 1: What You Will Need

1. Your colour choice of hair dye. If your hair has yellow tones pink and puple work best, green and blue need white blonde. 
I used Fudge Paintbox Blueberry Hill and  Pretty Flamingo (i live in Australia so that's all i could find).
2. Alot of conditioner (a hell'alot) I used TRESemme' because i love the smell. Apparently the conditioner HAS to be white, i'm not sure why.
3. A mixing bowl
4. A hair dye brush thingy (i'm not very technical).

Step 2: Mix Conditioner and Dye

Take your conditioner and put  a substancial amount in the bowl, then add a dab of your colour and mix. If you need more add more colour, if its too dark add more conditioner. 
The colour of your mixture will wash out slightly lighter depending on what brand of dye you used. I've noticed paintbox stained my hair extensions pretty much the same colour and i had ALOT of trouble fading it. 
Once you have alot of the mixture in your desired colour, you can start applying!

Step 3: Apply to Hair

So, now you're going to want to divide your hair from the bottom and the top. (figure.1)
Now seperate  a section and use your brush to apply to dye. If you have trouble seeing the back of your head use a mirror.
Then after the bottom section is done do the top, dont focus on you roots too much, the most important part of the hair are the ends.
Then massage mixture into your hair and go through it making sure it's all coated evenly.

Step 4: Leave for 2 Hours

The processing time is really personal prefference and depends on the dye.
I'm going to leave it in for 1 hour, but some people leave it in for overnight.
Wrap your hair in cling wrap or a shower cap. This traps in the heat from your heat and makes the dye process better.

Step 5: Rinse

Rinse hair with cold or warm water, i don't believe you need to shampoo hair unless your trying to fade it :-)

EDIT: My hair came out extremely patchy! so be so careful when applying the dye 0.0

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    7 years ago

    You're hair actually looks amazing like that


    8 years ago on Introduction

    In your first picture, your hair looks like Lightning's from Final Fantasy! Its so cool!