Introduction: How to Get Rid of 'untrusted Connection'

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This 'untrusted connection' will pop up when you try and go on a site or type something in. It happens because the computer thinks that the site is not safe. Do not just ignore it though, some of the time it may be an untrusted site which, if you ignore the warning, could mess up you're computer possibly getting you viruses.

If it's only occurring on one site, then it is probably a good idea not to use the site, however if it is occurring on any site you go on, follow this extremely simple method.

Step 1: How to Fix the Problem

It is very simple, all you need to do is change the date, to do so, click on the tab in the lower right of the screen, (windows 7) with the date and time on it. you should see a screen pop up, like the one above, simply click on 'change date and time,' and you're done.

Step 2: Other Issues

You may have to change the date & time every time you log on.

Hasn't worked, try using another search engine, and set it has your home page, this problem often happens on firefox.