Introduction: How to Get That Rancid Taste Out of Your Mouth And/or Sinuses After Vomiting Violently :D

Vomit. Possibly one of the worst experiences one can, for lack of a better term, experience. The worst part of it? Trying to get rid of the horrid taste/ smell it leaves in one's mouth and sometimes nose. It may seem impossible and somewhat like cruel and unusual punishment. But have no fear sicklings. This is a guide to help you be rid yourself of that aftertaste.
Here are the things you will need in order of use:
1. A shower.
2. Tissues, two wash cloths, a glass of water, and a garbage pale.
3. (optional) Another glass of water
4. Mint flavored mouthwash and more water
5. Cranberry juice, ginger ale, or gatorade.

Step 1: Prepare a Shower.

As it reads in the title, prepare a hot shower.Not too hot, but as hot as it takes to create steam. Since you have vomited, you probably have it on you... whether it's in your hair or on your clothes. So, taking a shower serves two purposes in this situation. Those would be:
1. Getting the smell and/ or matter off of you
2. Since there is steam, your sinuses will become a little unclogged, as having vomit up your nose will clog it.

Step 2: Use the Tissues!!

-With the tissues you have, blow your nose. This will take any of the matter that remains in your nostrils out.
-Depending on how long ago you vomited, there could be a lot or a little coming out of your nose, so that is why washcloths and a garbage pale are necessary: for maintenance.
-Also during this process, one can accidentally end up with the vomit matter in their nose, which is why a glass of water should be kept near.
So now, you have most of the smell out of your nose.

Step 3: (Optional) Get Another Glass of Water.

If you feel the need, gargle and rinse with another glass of water. You don't have to though.

Step 4: Gargle With Mouthwash

In order to take the taste of vomit out of your mouth, you will need a strong, mint flavored mouthwash because the acids in our stomachs that come up into our mouths when we vomit are very, very strong.
-So take as much *mouthwash as it takes to fill up your mouth about halfway, and gargle/ swish. Do so for however long as you feel necessary.
-Afterward, you want to gargle with water in order to make sure all of the mouthwash is cleared out of your mouth along with the flavor from the vomit.

*Note: you may need a lot of mouthwash.

Step 5: Drink Something.

You should probably *drink something like cranberry juice, ginger ale, or gatorade.
-Cranberry juice can help overpower other tastes in one's mouth
-Ginger ale supposedly helps nauseated stomachs
-Gatorade sometimes clears sinuses for some people.

*Note: If the way you threw up was painful or extremely violent, i.e. you threw up for more than ten minutes, then DO NOT drink OR eat ANYTHING. You might be very sick and even drinking water could make you vomit again. And if you saw dark red blood (or blood at all actually) in your vomit, go see a physician as soon as possible. Like within the next couple of hours.