Introduction: How to Glue Delrin

Delrin, has a lot of great properties as a plastic. It machines great. It is non corrosive. It can even be laser cut. However, it has a major drawback. Which is that it is tricky to glue together. For the same reseasons that it stands up to most solvents mean that is not going to be effected by most glues.

However, it turns out there is a great glue that does the trick.

Step 1: Prepare You Pieces for Glueing

Before you glue your pieces of derin together you will want to pre pare them. First scratch up the surfaces with some sand paper. This is known as giving the material "tooth." the roughsurface will help the glue find places to hold on to.

Step 2: Apply Glue

Go2 glue from locktite works great for bonding derin together. Use a drop on the surface. Then press the two pieces together and clamp. wipe off the excess glue. Wait a few hours and your are done.