Introduction: How to Go to a Drive-In Movie in Style

     Drive-in movies are rare in this day and age, but luckily there is one close by. The West Wind Solano theater is a great place for a drive in movie. We saw Iron Man 1&2 there and saw Spider- man 3, Kung Fu Panda, How to Train your Dragon, The Lightning Thief, and much more.

     My family loves it because you can go for about $7 for adults and kids under 11 for $1. Also you get to see two movies. We go in our van and fill it with pillows, pop the trunk and watch or bring  a truck and our couch. We know how to go in style to the drive-in and the best ways to sit and be comfertable.

Step 1: Things to Bring

Do Not forget these key Items:
-Sleeping Bag
-Light up toys
-Car with mostly full batery
-warm clothes
-Cell phone
-Something Comfortable to sit on

Optianal Items To bring:
-camp table
-small grill
-board games
-or any thing eles you think you need.

Then load Your Car.

Step 2: Drive

Find the closest drive-in and go.Remember to pay the nice person.They will tell you what radio station to tune to so you can listen to the movie.


Step 3: Get Set Up to Watch the Movie

Find the best spot in the whole theater. Then set up the couch or your chairs or whatever and wait till dark. Till then play somecatch with a football.

Step 4: Watch

Then watch Prince Of Persia

Step 5: Intermission

When the movie ends play more football and refill your popcorn. You might want to tidy up your seats.

Step 6: Watch Again

Then Sit back and Watch Iron Man 2.

Step 7: Leave

Clean up your space and make sure you pick up your trash and then put every thing in the car and hope you haven't killed the car battery because of  the radio and go home. Go to sleep and don't wake up before 8 am