Introduction: How to Grow Garlic

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A guide on how to grow Garlic .
I plant Garlic twice a year. In Early spring and in late September. There are several types of garlic.
  Softneck garlic  -which is the garlic in which you see at your typical grocery store.

Artichoke garlic  - is  a milder flavor garlic that can be stored up to eight months.

silverskin garlic  -  Is a easy to grow  garlic with a strong taste and stores up to 12 months.

The pictures shown  here planting the garlic are a silver skin  type. They were planted 2 weeks ago .They should be ready by  early september .

 The pictures where the garlic stalks that are about 10 inches high were planted last year in september.They will be ready in late july..

Step 1: Materials

(1) recycled box from the local fruit market

(2) 1 bag peat moss

(3)  4 bags garden soil

(4)  10 clothes of garlic from last years crop

Step 2: Planting the Garlic

First  start by putting a  8 inch layer of garden soil in the bottom of the garlic box  .
Then i put 5 inches of peat moss on top if that . Then finish filling the box with more top soil.
To plant the garlic  stick your finger in the soil up to your second knuckle  on your index finger .
 Drop the garlic in   ( TIP UP)  the hole and cover lightly with soil.

Step 3: Watching Them Grow

After about two weeks you will start to see a green finger  come out of the soil.

Step 4: Last Years Crop

 Here are pictures of last years crop we planted last September .They should be ready about the end of July.  

  If you would like to see my above ground garden  please click here .

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