How to Hack Flappy Bird

Introduction: How to Hack Flappy Bird

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How to hack flappy bird on a rooted phone.

Step 1: Make Sure Your Phone Is Rooted

you have to have a rooted phone to edit apps.

Step 2: Make Sure You Have Flappy Bird

Step 3: Download Cheat Droid

this can be found in the appstore

Step 4: Open Cheat Droid and Find Flappy Bird

its in alphabetical order

Step 5: Open Flappy Bird in Cheat Droid

Step 6: Look for FlappyBird.XML and Open

Step 7: Change Score to Whatever You Want

Step 8: Open Flappy Bird

Step 9: Thanks for Checking This Out

please favorite if you want and I'll continue to make more instructables c:

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