How to Hand Feed Your Fish

Introduction: How to Hand Feed Your Fish

Hand feeding is a easy way to prove those people who say in fish keeping there is no contact between owner and fish wrong.

Step 1: Getting the Right Food

Ideally you want a food that is easy to hold and appetizing to the fish. Blood worms are great but pellets are what I use.

Step 2: Feeding Your Fishy

All you need to do now is put the food between your finger tips but still make it accessible and hold it in the water STILL. I you move your hand your fish friend will think the hand is its enemy and avoid it for a long time. Eventually the fish will take the food.

Step 3: Warnings

Do not hand feed toothed fish like Oscars and piranhas( yes you can keep em') or venomous fish like lionfish. And most imortantly MAKE SURE YOUR HANDS ARE CLEAN OR ELSE YOU WILL KILL YOUR FISH. Soap stuck to your hand is also bad so make sure you get all that soap off.

Step 4: That's It! Have Fun!

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    Cool. Thanks for sharing. If you have any pictures of you feeding your fish, you should include those so that people can see.