Introduction: How to Hard Boil an Egg Using an Electric Kettle

After Easter a few years back we had many eggs leftover. Not wanting them to go to waste I divided them out over a week and with some salt and pepper, went to town. Since then I been making them at work because they are a lot easier then cooking them on the electric griddle. Besides people were starting to give me dirty looks when they walked by my cubicle at work! Please note that I did not make this up at all. I have simply compiled my findings from many different places. Without further delay...

Step 1: Place Eggs in Kettle

Assuming you have fresh eggs*, the number of eggs you can make at a time depends on the size and shape of your electric kettle. I have a Chef's Choice Cordless Electric Kettle Model 677 and I can fit 4 eggs comfortably. You need to leave room inside the kettle so that they don't touch the steam cut off tube. Once you place the eggs inside fill them so that there is about an inch of water above them.
* If you are not sure your when your eggs were purchased you can test them by dropping them into a glass of cold water. If they sink like a stone then they are great. If they drop and bounce a couple of times they are older but still are okay. If they float they they are bad and should be tossed!

Step 2: Prop Up Electric Kettle

You want to prop up the kettle so that when the eggs are boiling they don't accidentally hit the steam cut off tube. If that happens real early then you could have a big mess on your hands. When it happened to me I had egg coming out the bottom!

Step 3: Turn on Your Kettle you have placed your eggs in the kettle and filled it with water you can turn it on. Most electric kettles these days have an auto-shutoff. While it is heating up you need to have a timer ready for when it turns itself off. I use to time my eggs. Once there click "Count Down", set it for 13 minutes and wait. Once the kettle shuts off, start the countdown.

Step 4: Place Eggs in Ice

While you are waiting for the 13 minutes to expire you should get a bowl of ice/ice water ready for your newly hard boiled eggs. When they are done carefully drain the water from the kettle and remove the eggs. Be careful not to stick your hand inside because of the heating element. I usually just slowly turn mine upside down and when I am finished they are sitting in the lid. Place them in the ice water and allow them to cool. The time to cool just depends on your pain tolerance and how hungry you are :)

Step 5: Enjoy!

After allowing your eggs to cool they should be ready to enjoy. I just use salt and pepper but that is up to you. I hope you enjoyed my instructable.