How to Have Internet DURING POWER OUTAGE




Introduction: How to Have Internet DURING POWER OUTAGE

Hi this is my first ible so be soft on me....

Step 1: Finding a Battery

A few weeks ago... My dad car battery died.... unable to crank it up on the morning....

Replaced it with a new one.... So took this one out and put it inside the house...bcoz in case of emergengcy...

It still hold the current but the ampere is less than the actual amp...

Step 2: Clean the Battery

Clean the battery before bringing it inside the house....

Step 3: Find Battery Clamp

If u have battery clamp.. use it.. i use this because im in emergency jst now.... its a paperclip....

Attach it to the wire negative and positive... my router uses 9v of power so crossing the line a bit can make it survive the night.....

Step 4: Hook the Battery

make sure ur polarity is correct... don blame me if ir house burn down or ur expensive router is broken....

My polarity is black+white strip= positive

Black wire=negAtive...

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Just go out and find some used 7 A/hr SLA (sealed lead acid) batteries they use in emergency lighting, UPS backups and such you will dont have to worry so much about gasses being given off inside the home. If you look you can find them for about $15 USD on the net (Amazon has them, of course), or find a place that recycles out batteries from USP and emergency lighting units (they generally cycle them out to be sure they have not deteriorated in use, but most of the "pulls" have a lot of life left in them and they are just a few bucks each surplus). Figure the typical router WiFi unit is going to draw about 18 or 20 watts to keep connected and that will be about 1.5 to 2 amps off your battery (conservative estimate). So one 12 Volt 7 A/hr battery will last you about 3 to 5 hours depending on how much you work the router's radio link (maybe that's not a good time to stream a move from Nextflix). If you want more time, add more batteries in parallel and then get a cheap 3 stage "maintenance charger" (not the "trickle" kind) from Harbor Freight (they have a cheap one that can handle up to 3 7 A/hr batteries on fire sale now and again) to the net to keep it all changed when the line is up. Or you can bite the bullet and just get a cell phone network "Hot Spot" style WiFi router that is actually made to draw far less power for portable use and has a built in USB charged LiPo battery that will last for days between charges (and you can take it with you if you "bug out"). You can then charge it with the same mini USB charger your cell phone probably has. But you will have to dicker with your ISP service as to what you will pay to have them connect you up to their cell network. And also remember in any case you are dependent on the cell or land phone network to be available for your internet connection and in emergency situations you may be forced off if the stuff really hits the fan and the anchorites commandeer the system from us civvies.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    yes i do have the sla.. but i prefer using the bigger battery for a longer usage...


    8 years ago

    Lead acid batteries only release dangerous gases when they are being charged.. But still be careful with having so much stored energy in your house..


    8 years ago

    That battery can release dangerous gases, so don't keep it inside your house!