Introduction: How to Hide Your Cassette Adapter Wire

My 1999 Toyota Corolla has a Radio/Cassette player and I wanted to connect my iPod Nano to it. I tried an FM transmitter and as we all know they do not work very well. Also, I did not want to spend the money for a direct connect Aux input. The only issue that I have with Cassette Adapters is how to hide the wire? I decided to find out if I could run the wire through the Radio/Cassette player.

Step 1: Remove Radio/Cassette Player From Your Car

The procedure will be different for each car and this step will not be covered here.

Step 2: Review Your Cassette Adapter

The Cassette Adapter that I have is a Philips AY3501 IV and on the top is printed "This Side Up". Also, along the left hand side, it has a slot for the wire (which runs the length of the Cassette). In other words, I can run the wire in either direction.

Step 3: Modify Cassette Adapter

Move the wire so it comes out of the top of the Cassette.

Step 4: Take Top of Radio/Cassette Player Off

My radio has four (4) screws holding the top on. With the cover off, you can get a good look at the Cassette transport platform.

Step 5: Insert the Wire Into the Cassette Player Opening

In this step, I have inserted the wire into the Cassette player opening first.

Step 6: Run Wire Under Cassette Transport Platform

I found that there was enough space to run the wire under the Cassette transport platform and not get tangled in any of the gears.

Step 7: Run Wire Out Through the Back of the Radio/Cassette Player

I found a cutout at the rear where I could run the wire out the back of the radio.

Step 8: Put Cover Back On

Before you put the cover back on, pull all of the wire through the radio until the Cassette Adapter is in the opening. You do not want to leave a lot of wire floating around inside of the player where it can get tangled.

Step 9: Finished

The wire is totally out of the way and no longer visible!!

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