How to Hit Backhands Like Rafael Nadal




Introduction: How to Hit Backhands Like Rafael Nadal

As being the King of Clay, winning a slam on each of the 3 surfaces. Clearly Nadal HAS to be a tennis player to remember. And with probably one of the best two-handed backhands of all time, who wouldn't want a backhand like him? :)

 (btw guys I'm a fed fan but still love his backhand).

Step 1: 1. Grip

Rafael Nadal uses a Continental Grip for his left hand and as Semi-Western for his right hand... So:

If you are righty then your right hand = continental
If you are lefty then your left hand = continental

If you are righty then your left hand = semi-western
If you are lefty then your right hand = semi-western

(By the way, nadal use the VS Original White overgrip or [rarely] the black syntec replacement grip).

Step 2: 2. Swing

Three tips for the backswing of Rafael Nadal:

-Laid back wrists
-Racquet face slightly closed
-Racquet pointing at back face


The weakest hand provides the most power on a backhand, and a two-hander is just a forehand but with your weakest arm also gripping the racquet, so if you're use to a semi-western for your forehand, you might want to use it for your non-dominant hand like Rafa himself.


-Look at slow motion Rafa backhands and copy the swing in the air (air swing)

-Now throw up a ball in front of you and hit the backhands

-Now try it against a wall

-Now try it with a guy throwing balls to you/ball machine

-Now try it in a practise match against someone who is better than you


Getting used to these tips will maybe get you a great backhand like Rafael Nadal.

Step 3: 3. Gear

Now you have a dominant backhand like Rafa, maybe you could get his gear.

-His 2 grips (in step 1)

-Babolat RPM Blast (Black) [VERY NEW NOT OUT YET!] link for a forum: and link for a video:

-Babolat AeroPro Drive GT

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    Going great so far... if anyone is reading this anyway, haha.
       Yeah, anyway just submitted a pistol packin' serve instructable (Sampras serve instructable) and hopefull I'll get comments then??? :D
       Thanks all, bye. ;)

    [don't ask me why I'm so smiley face today].

    Thanks for the views guys, by the way. Now you have the best backhand, you might aswell have the best forehand, huh?
       If you are intrested check out my Roger Federer forehand instructable titled: How to hit Forehands like Roger Federer.
       I am also going to make Sampras, Karlovic and Roddick serving instructables. McEnroe volley instructables. Gasquet and Federer backhand instructables. No-look and over-the-head instructables. Roger Federer tweener instructables. Hewitt lob instructables. Sampras smash instructables.
       By the way guys could you vote who has the best dropshot and approach shots? Thanks all, bye.