Introduction: How to Hit Backhands Like Rafael Nadal

As being the King of Clay, winning a slam on each of the 3 surfaces. Clearly Nadal HAS to be a tennis player to remember. And with probably one of the best two-handed backhands of all time, who wouldn't want a backhand like him? :)

 (btw guys I'm a fed fan but still love his backhand).

Step 1: 1. Grip

Rafael Nadal uses a Continental Grip for his left hand and as Semi-Western for his right hand... So:

If you are righty then your right hand = continental
If you are lefty then your left hand = continental

If you are righty then your left hand = semi-western
If you are lefty then your right hand = semi-western

(By the way, nadal use the VS Original White overgrip or [rarely] the black syntec replacement grip).

Step 2: 2. Swing

Three tips for the backswing of Rafael Nadal:

-Laid back wrists
-Racquet face slightly closed
-Racquet pointing at back face


The weakest hand provides the most power on a backhand, and a two-hander is just a forehand but with your weakest arm also gripping the racquet, so if you're use to a semi-western for your forehand, you might want to use it for your non-dominant hand like Rafa himself.


-Look at slow motion Rafa backhands and copy the swing in the air (air swing)

-Now throw up a ball in front of you and hit the backhands

-Now try it against a wall

-Now try it with a guy throwing balls to you/ball machine

-Now try it in a practise match against someone who is better than you


Getting used to these tips will maybe get you a great backhand like Rafael Nadal.

Step 3: 3. Gear

Now you have a dominant backhand like Rafa, maybe you could get his gear.

-His 2 grips (in step 1)

-Babolat RPM Blast (Black) [VERY NEW NOT OUT YET!] link for a forum: and link for a video:

-Babolat AeroPro Drive GT