Introduction: How to Hit the Road on the Cheap

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This isn't so much an instructable as an inspirational. The idea of this instructable is to inspire people to go nomadic. I highly recommend it. I did this way back when I was still in highschool. A friend and I took off on our bikes and pedaled from Milwaukee, headed south into Indiana, got as far as Tippecanoe state park and headed back north to Muskegon, MI to take the ferry back across Lake Michigan. The trip took a few weeks and we did the whole thing with 20 dollars in our pocket. We didn't have tents and we couldn't afford camping fees so we slept in dirt lots, on the front steps of a school, etc.

So anyway, last weekend we ran into this guy up in Mendocino, CA. He was walking his bike from Texas up to Oregon. See the next slide for more details on how he had his bike arranged.

Step 1: Lash All the Stuff You Need to Your Bike.

Here's a better shot of the bike and the layout of the stuff.
By the way, when you're on the road for a long time, you need a bank account to draw on or some skills to make some spare cash. This guy was both a preacher and a sign and mural painter. I suppose that's how he made some money. Don't know how much money you can make preaching, but maybe some congregation takes pity on you and gives you some money to spread the word.

Step 2: Support Yourself

I added this slide to give you the nomad's own explanation for how he makes a living while on the road. Did I mention that he didn't hit us up for any money? I suspect that means he made a living of sorts with his painting. Instructable readers and contributors are clever dudes and dudettes. No reason they couldn't do something clever on the road to support themselves.

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