Introduction: How to Hold/throw Fire, Without Getting Burned!

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I will teach you the "art" of holding fire, and even "throwing it"
*WARNING* although it is very hard to actually hurt yourself doing this, it IS possible. Be warned. I take no responsiblity for what you do with this knowledge.

What you need:
1. Two hands, only got one? sorry I cant help you.
2. A Bic lighter. You can get one for 25cents at a gas station.

ready? Go on to the next step.

Step 1: The Correct Hand Position.

First things first, go get your lighter. Now, hold your left hand (opposite if you are left handed) like the pic below. The goal is to make a little pocket for the lighter to put gas into. try and make it airtight except for the hole at the top.

Got it? Ok, on to the next step!

Step 2: Holding the Gas in Your Hand

Put the lighter into your hand like in the pic below. Then, hold down the button on the lighter to release gas into your hand. Hold it for about 2-3 seconds. any longer and you are just wasting gas,any shorter and little or nothing will happen.

after 2-3 seconds, release the gas button.

Now, with the lighter still where it is, quickly light it. Imedietally after it lights, move it away. wait about 1/2 a second and open your hand. YAY you just held fire!

Random info:
1. It may take a few ties to get the gas in your hand to light.
2. you can actually hold teh fire for about 5 or 6 seconds before you open your hand. It gets warm, but dosent burn your hand.

This always looks better in darker rooms.

Now, go have fun, scare the crap outa your freinds by throwing fire in their faces!!!!

3. Try different amounts of gas for cool effects.
4. to make a "fountain of fire" light the gas, and quickly squeeze your hand. this is my favorite. it looks the the last pic below.