How to Host a Website for Free? Free Web Hosting Solution

Introduction: How to Host a Website for Free? Free Web Hosting Solution

I hope this is the best virus/malware free solution you can find it on internet. Check out my tutorial here

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Step 1: upload the website files (including html css and all related files) to your google drive.

Step 2: Right mouse click on the folder, you will see the option share click on that.

Step 3: Now you will see the Message box you need to provide permission to share (check in image).

Step 4: Copy the Share Link and paste it on the notepad and find the ID (copy it) from that url.

Step 5: Open a new tab in your browser and type ID <--Paste your ID here. dont put enter, now you need to copy the whole url

Step 6: now go to the following url and paste the url in that page and shorten your url

Step 7: so now you got the free web hosting with the short url.

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    5 years ago

    Informative! Thanks for sharing the Info.

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