Introduction: How to Hotwire a Riding Mower

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this will show you how to hotwire a riding mower or any old ford cars

Step 1: Warning!!!!!

If you are under 18 do not do this without an adult. it is very dangerous and can be illegal if you use it to steal do not.

Step 2: Items You Will Need

you will need:

rubber gloves
jumper cables or thick wiring with rubber coating
an adult

Step 3: Find the Solenoid

it should look like a little box hooked to the side of the engine compartment. the live wire from the battery should be hooked to it then to the starter. I would not recomened this unless your solenoid is dead or you lost the key and really need to do this

Step 4: Starting

make sure your brake is on the take both sides of the cable and touch it to the two bolts the battery is hooked to on the solenoid. when you do this it should spark and start the engine. don't be afraid its all right.

Step 5: Stopping

to stop it because the kill switch won't work you will need to turn the throttle down all the way and it should eventually die. please be safe and cautios.