Introduction: How to Insert and Manage a Header on a Microsoft Word Document

Using Microsoft Word: How to Insert a Header.

The Header will appear on each page of your document. Please note that you may not choose both a header and a top page number.

Step 1: Choose the Insert Tab at the Top of the Program.

Step 2: Click on the Header Button

Step 3: Here You May Choose What Type Header You Would Like.

Step 4: The Header Will Appear on Each Page of Your Document, As Can Be Seen.

Step 5: Changing the Header

To change the header at any time, double click with your mouse in the header area (the top part of the page. A new tab will open. To exit this feature simply click Close Header and Footer

Step 6: Changing Font

Once this tab is open, you may change the type and font by clicking on the Home tab. As you can see the green Header and Footer Tools is still visible.

Step 7: Highlight the Text You Would Like to Change

Step 8: Then Choose What Size and Type of Font You Would Like to Use.

Step 9: Return to Main Document (a)

To return back to your main document simply click on the green Header & Footer Tools tab

Step 10: Return to Main Document (b)

Then click the close button