How to Insert a Mio Pump Site

Introduction: How to Insert a Mio Pump Site

To begin the process of putting in a insulin pump you will need the following materials

  • A Medtronic MiniMed Pump
  • A vile of insulin (Humalog or NovoLog)
  • Medtronic Mio site
  • Medtronic reservoir

Step 1: How to Work the Menu on Your Pump

First press "ACT" on your pump to get to the main menu, then press the down arrow to "Reservoir +Set" then press "ACT" again

Step 2: Reservoir + Set

Once you are in the "Reservoir + Set" menu scroll up to " Reservoir Setup" and press "ACT"

Step 3: Insulin and Reservoir

At this point your pump screen will say "Disconnect Tubing from body. Remove reservoir from pump. Press ACT to rewind". Follow the pumps instructions, and as your pump is rewinding connect your insulin vile and reservoir. Make sure to fill your reservoir with air to the amount of insulin you intend on having in the reservoir, then push the air into the vile. After you extract the insulin from the vile into the reservoir.

Step 4: Check Time

Once you remove the vile from the reservoir, then remove the plastic blue piece with the needle (twist off) from the reservoir holding the insulin. You will also have to open the Mio Site. You will do so but taking off the wrapper and pulling one half off of the other. You will then put the reservoir of insulin to the top of the tubing, twist and secure the reservoir, push down on the reservoir and you should see insulin in the tubing.

Step 5: Place and Lock

At this point your pump screen will say "REWIND COMPLETE: Place and lock reservoir in pump. Then press ACT" you will then take the reservoir of insulin and insert it into the hole of your pump.

Step 6: Drip Drop

When you place and lock your pump, you will be asked if you are still disconnected on your pump, scroll down and select yes. You are then going to press ACT until you see drops come out of the plastic blue piece on your Mio Site. Stop pressing ACT once you see drops. Press ESC when done. Once you do that, your pump will ask if you if you see drops at end of tubing, select "yes".

Step 7: Getting Mio Prepared to Connect Site to Body

To prepare your Mio, you will unwind the tubing from around the white plastic inside the Mio. You will also need to pull the paper from the other side of the Mio off so you are able to access the white plastic lever. Along with taking those things off, take off the Blue plastic tube and white spiral that surrounds the needle.

Step 8: Connecting Mio Site to Body

Place the Mio Site on your preferred region of your body. Make sure the tubing is not underneath the Mio and that you place your pink arrow to either the left or right. Your Mio should be cocked (when you pull the white lever) and ready to connect into your skin. Press with your index finger and thumb on the indented smooth sides of them pump. Once you press hard on the sides, the white lever will release and your site will stick into your body (You might feel some pressure, but it is better than those 7 shots a day). Wait five to ten seconds to pull off the plastic Mio to ensure that the site stayed on your skin.

Step 9: Final

Once you carefully pull your Mio off this will be your final project. Congratulations!! You have successfully put on your very own pump site! Enjoy the pump life and leave the shots in the past. Here is a short clip so you can see in video form of how to insert a pump site.

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