Introduction: How to Install Halo Projector Headlights

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Installing halo projector headlights is fairly simple, but can take a few hours. This is just a general guide for headlights and might vary from your particular set. For all of our headlights, we always recommend professional installation.

Just a few general tips -

1. Wear protective gloves and goggles before working on your vehicle
2. An assistant is helpful when removing the front bumper
3. Put a mat on the floor of your work area to reduce the chances of scratching or harming your lights and/or bumper
4. Do not make direct contact when handling the bulbs or wire assembly until the unit has cooled down. Also avoid any oils on the bulbs.
5. Test the lights prior to installation

Tools and Supplies Required -

1. Diagonal Cutter
2. Ratchet
3. Extension
4. Socket and Combination Wrench
5. Flat head and Philips Screwdriver


1. Remove the front bumper
2. Remove the connectors from the headlight assembly
3. Remove the five mounting bolts and harness clip, then remove the headlight
4. Remove the bolt and the corner upper beam from the headlight
5. Connect the halo and LED wires to driving lights
    a. Connect the black wire to the ground wire (-) of the driving lights
    b. Connect the white wire to the positive wire (+) of the driving lights
    c. You can also connect the black wire from Halo and LED wires together on the ground wire (-) of the driving light. Connect the white wire from Halo and LED on the positive wire (+) of driving light. 
    d. Be sure not to damage the resistor during installation.
6. Replace the connectors from the headlight
7. Install the mounting bolts and headlights
8. Install the front bumper

Installation is complete