Introduction: Wall Floating Shelves Installation

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Floating shelves feature with unseen mounting system that save place and beautiful, just like floating on wall. They are an elegant way of displaying collectibles, photos, travel mementos, or other decorations. Here we will show you how to install a floating shelf on wall.

Step 1: Tools Needed for Installation

If you install the floating shelf to cement wall, following tools should be needed.
Power drills.
Philipines screwdriver.
9/32" drill bit 
If wooden wall, only level and Philipines screwdrive are needed.

Step 2: Hardware Included in Packaging

When you buy a floating shelf, there should be following parts included in the packaging at least.
1. one shelf board
2. one metal plate
3. 6 plastic anchors
4. 6 long screws
5. 2 short screws
For some shelves, the supporting metal plate is not one whole piece but two seperated ones, this will cause the installation work much complicated, we do suggest you choose one whole piece metal plate when choose the shelves.

Step 3: Locate Install Space

Place backplate against wall in the desired position and mark holes with a pencil where holes in the backplate meet the wall. Make sure the metal plate is in the right direction. Level should be used to insure plate is horizontal.
Note: If you are drill into a wall where no studs are available, use the proper anchors to mount the backplate. Anchors have been provided for this purpose

Step 4: Install Metal Plate to Wall

Using a power drill and 9/32’’ drill bit, drill hole into wall marks. Using a power drill or screw-driver, (for Phillips head screw), drive provided screws into studs (or anchors), securing backplate to wall.

Step 5: Slide Shelf Onto Backplate

Slide shelf onto backplate.

Note: The side of shelf with two small holes should be bottom. Align these holes with holes on backplate tubes and drive small screws through the holes untill shelf is secure to backplate.
To gain maximum stability and load capacity, this floating shelf should be installed in studs.

Step 6: Install of Other Floating Shelves

By the similar way, could also install other style floating shelf and cube shelf on wall.

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