Introduction: How to Install a Cassette on a Bike.

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This is a quick instructables on how to install a cassette on bike.

Step 1: Tools

  • wrench
  • cassette tool
  • chain whip

Most people will need a shimano hyperglide tool, get the park one, it's $5 or so.

Step 2: Whip It Good

Put the cassette tool on, I use the quick release to hold it in place. you know, so it does not fly off and you end up wrecking your knuckles.

Position the chain whip on the 3rd or 4th cog, wrap the loose chain part around the cog, use the fixed chain portion to hold the cassette in place.

Then use your wrench to unscrew the lock ring. You really only need to use the wrench to 'break it.', then you can do the rest by hand.

Step 3: Remove

Unscrew the lock ring it by hand. Then pull the cassette off.

The ramps on the cogs should face out when you put it back together.

Step 4: Reverse It

Reverse it all and put it back on the hub. Notice it only fits
one one way.

The lock ring thing has a super thin washer. Don't lose it!

Also grease the heck out of those threads, or it will be a pain to get off.

Step 5: No Whip

Now yard on that sucker.

The best way is to use the wheel as a big lever like pictured.

Go ride, have fun.

What have I learned from this instructables? I need to go to the gym and get some arm muscles...