How to Install a Glass Door for Cabinets

Introduction: How to Install a Glass Door for Cabinets

Cost of this project: Low- includes cost of the glass panels, and glass door hinges

Difficulty level: Medium to high

Time required : 1-4 hours depending on expertise

Tangible benefits: A better looking cabinet with all the clutter being hidden, cost saved on transport and installation charges

In-tangible benefits: The sense of satisfaction that any DIY can give you

Step 0: Objective – Install a glass door

Identify the cabinet requiring a glass door
In this case, it is the centre cabinet of our TV floor unit

Step 1: Materials and Tools Required

Glass panels cut to the required dimension
Glass door hinges
Electrical drill
6mm wood drill bit
Screw driver
Fevicol (optional)

Step 2: Measure the Glass Door Dimension

Since the glass panel is sandwiched between the two walls of each hinge, and the hinges themselves take up 1mm of space on the top and bottom and the side, the glass doors need to be sufficiently smaller in length and width than the inset dimensions of the cabinet

Being too long will mean the glass doors will not fit in and will result in another visit to the glass shop and being too small will result in big gaps between the cabinet edge and the door, and hence arriving at an accurate measurement is important

As a thumb rule, you can subtract 5 mm from the height, and 2-3mm from the length of the actual inset dimension of the cabinet walls.

Step 3: Understand the Hinge Hardware

There are many varieties, but the one we would discuss would be installed on the top and bottom walls of the cabinet

One pair of hinges is required for each glass door

The hinges will allow the glass to be inserted through their open side and will clamp the glass against the hinge wall with the help of clamp screws. This means there is no need to drill holes in the glass

A small metallic duct will be placed in a hole drilled on the wood

The hinge has a cylindrical projection which will be placed inside the metallic duct. Once housed, the projection allows for free rotation of the hinge, and in turn the door

Step 4: Drill Hole and Position the Hinges

Drill a hole on the bottom and top inner walls of the cabinet

Drill it closer to the side wall of the cabinet

Place the metallic duct inside this hole and secure it using Fevicol

Now place the cylindrical projection on the hinge inside the duct in such a way the hinge edges are in contact with the cabinet walls (top and bottom)

Step 5: Install the Hinge

Now with the hinge placed, insert the glass panel top and bottom hinges

Adjust the placement of the glass door until you are convinced with the spacing between the glass and the cabinet. This is probably what would take much of your time.

Once positioned, tighten the clamps to sandwich and secure the glass in between the hinge walls

Now install the other hinges for the other doors in the same manner as explained above and give yourself a pat on the back :)

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