Introduction: How to Install a Led Light Bar on the Tacoma

As more and more

people prefer to do some modifications to their vehicles, the places they choose become hard to consider. People like to do a lot of modifications on the bumper, grille or the roof or the vehicle, yet, sometimes, they may miss one place that exactly fit s light bar—the hood. However, not every car has the hood scoop that can fit a light bar. Thus, I just want to recommend this modification based on one truck—Toyota Tacoma Sport model. If you want to do the same modification, make sure your vehicle has the similar hood scoop.

For Toyota Tacoma Sport model, it has the scoop on the hood that can fit a 10 inch single row led light bar . By the way, I recommend you buy it from AuxBeam. So let’s start to see the modification process.

Step 1:

1. Dismantlethe hood scoop. The first step is easy. Open the hood, and you can see 5pcs 10mmnuts and a small Philips screw in the center. Unscrew them all, then you can take out the whole scoop easily.

Step 2:

1. When you removed the scoop from the hood, you need to remove the wire screen and plastic back plate as well. There are 3 pop rivets that hold them up. Therefore, you just need to unscrew the pop rivets, then the wire screen and back plate get out.

Step 3:

1. Next,cut out the plastic plate and sand it a bit with some 220 grit sand paper in order to eliminate any edges. As the plastic is soft, it can be cut pretty easily. Also you need to measure the lights that can penetrate it.

Step 4:

Then, measure the place for the led light bar and do the wire screen. You need to ues some basic wire clutters to clip and make sure that leave some space. As the hood scoop is used to vent, if the led light bar fit exactly the scoop, there will be no space for the truck, even the led light bar to vent, which definitely will damage the truck and the led light bar.

Step 5:

Now, you can put the scoop back together and screw the pop rivets. Then install the led light bar. Use the long the brackets and install the led light bar through the bracket and the nuts until they are tightly screwed on.

Step 6:

Reinstall the hood scoop and put it back in with the nuts. Then wire it up. You can do the wiring as simple as possible. Push a piece of welding rod through the firewall boot next to the hood and release cable tied to the switch wires and pull them through. The positive line goes to the battery, which leads to an inline fuse, to the switch and then back to the light. The light is connected directly to ground. The wiring is routed along the hood.

You can regarded it as a fog light for Toyota Tacoma Sport model, as you did not want to install some truck led light bar specially for the fog light usage. Practice more and you can do a lot of modifications to your vehicles.