Introduction: How to Install Sound Dampening Material in a Porsche 911

This instructable is about installing sound dampening material in the front doors of a Porsche 911. This particular model is a 2002 996. I used Dynamat Xtreme, which is self-adhesive. Other sound dampening materials are available.

Please refer to my door trim removal instructable for step-by-step instructions on how to remove the door panel and moisture barrier.

For one door, you will need the following:

12" x 36" sheet of Dynamat Xtreme (the door kit comes with four of these).

Roller tool for flattening the sound dampening material.

T20 Torx driver.

Cleaning spray and cloth.

Step 1: Remove Door Trim

Remove the door trim per these instructions.

Step 2: Disconnect Speaker

Disconnect the speaker.

Step 3: Unscrew Speaker Box Surround

Use the T20 Torx driver to remove the six screws that attach the speaker box surround to the door, and remove the plastic surround.

Step 4: Pull the Moisture Barrier Out of the Way

Step 5: Remove Speaker Enclosure

Remove the four Phillips head screws that attach the speaker enclosure to the door.

Remove the speaker enclosure by tilting it from the top so that you can maneuver it out of the door cavity.

Step 6: Clean the Interior Surface of the Door Cavity

Adhesive needs a clean, dry, grease-free surface. Use a suitable cleaner to prepare the interior surface of the door cavity for application of the self-adhesive sound dampening material.

Step 7: Cut Sound Dampening Sheet to Size

On the backing paper of the sound dampening material, draw a horizontal line across the sheet that is 9" (23 cm) from the bottom of the sheet. Draw a vertical line that is 30" (76 cm) from the left edge of the material.

Step 8: Apply Material to the Door

Roll the sheet from the right edge to make it fit into the door cavity.

Peel the backing paper away from the left edge of the sheet so that enough is exposed to secure the left side of the sheet. Do not expose the entire sheet or it will be hard to position it.

Expose more of the adhesive as you roll the right side of the sheet out.

The long strip will cover most of the door. The piece that you are left with can be divided up further to cover smaller parts of the door.

Step 9: Reinstall Door Trim

Reinstall the door trim as described in these instructions.

Step 10: