Introduction: How to Jailbreak Your Archos 5 and How to Get Most Flash Games!!!!!

For those of you that saw my last Instructable it was a concept so sorry. But this is proven to work. Also when you jailbreak your archos 5, It means that you have every plugin for free. BUt for some plugins like the tv snap on I think you have to buy them. And for the flash games you cannot get games that use the arrow keys because obviously....there is no arrow keys

Step 1: Flash Games.

now for the flash games follow this simple video (all thanks to dlinkd2 for video)

Step 2: Jailbreak

Yes now what this jailbreak does is it makes you get your plugins for free!!! Watch this video or go to (praise to bobty)

Step 3: Play Around With Your Discovery.

Now you can try to look up games that are somewhat similar to the ipod touch and you can get flash apps and much more thanks for viewing!!! When I say somewhat similar I don't mean you can get the same games on the iPod touch on the Archos 5.