How to Keep Foundation Chains Straight or Flat

Introduction: How to Keep Foundation Chains Straight or Flat

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In today's Instructable i want to share with you a tip to keep Foundation Chains straight or flat.

I hope you find this tip useful =D .... let's begin!

Step 1: Video Tutorial

Step 2: Phototutorial

Once that we have worked several rows in the Foundation Chains, the first one starts to become curved and it can make our project to look kind of weird, to prevent this to happen, i strongly recommend you to work your Foundation Chains with a bigger hook than the one that you have already chosen for your project.

But remember, you’re going to use the bigger hook only for your foundation chains.

For example, if i’m going to use a G-6 hook(4 mm hook) to make my project, for my foundation chains i’m going to take an H 8 hook (5 mm hook).

When we’re working in Foundation Chains, one of the main reasons for our project to curve, it’s the lack of space between the stitches.

This means, that when the space between our chains is not enough, there are a lot of probabilities that we ended up having a big curve in our foundation chains, because the first row’s stitches are going to pile up, this is why we use a bigger hook to make the foundation chains, to allow the stitches of the first row to have their own space.

I hope you can find this tip useful =)


Don't forget to watch the video tutorial =D

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