Introduction: How to Keep Your Teabag's Tag From Falling Into Your Tea.

This is an obscenely simple instructable.

It is a little trick I found out that helps keep your teabag from falling into your tea while pouring hot water from the kettle.

Of course you can hold onto your teabag, but certain cups, or kettles don't afford you the free hand. and adding the bag later, means the teabag floats on top, waiting to be saturated.

Step 1: Identify and Acquire Teabags.

There are many kinds of labels for different brands of teabags. Some brands (as shown: Red-rose may only have a single piece of paper, attached to the bag)

If this is the case, remove your teabag from the paper satchel but leave the whole satchel attached to the string. Add your water, and seperate it after the tea has begun to brew.

If you have the new pyramidal bags or other bags that involve 'no strings attached' style, you have to fish out your bag with a spoon, or simply leave it in there until you have finished drinking (provided your tea will not get bitter)

Step 2: The Type of Bag You Need.

The common bag-type has a folded piece of paper stapled to the string.

It looks like a two page book. And for asian-style, or old-fashioned shallow teacups, this is plenty.

However for American-style mugs, the force of the water pulls this paper tab into your cup.

Step 3: The Trick!

When preparing your cup and hot water, place your teabag in the cup (1) take the booklet-tab and place each leg of "the booklet" on seperate sides of the cup. (2) Admire your ingenuity (3).

Step 4: Pour the Water!

Then pour (1) the(2) water! (3)
You can see it even worked in the large pint size tumbers I usually drink from as well as common mugs and paper cups from the office.

There is some magic physics here, that I know nothing of. But I can pour my tea with one hand free (to spoon in honey, milk, hold a cast iron kettle, or simply snap photos for instructables!

When the tea is ready I can remove my teabag at any time, without a fuss for a perfect cup of tea.

Thanks for enjoying! Drink up, yo!