Introduction: How to Kickflip

This is how to kickflip, nuff said......... the vid is a beggining kickflip, this is how the beggining kickflip should look like.

Step 1: Ollie

Have ur ollies dialed in, shuvits dialed in, and ur ready to learn to kickflip

Step 2: Foot Placement

You put ur front foot JUST below the front bolts, and back foot in ollie position

Step 3: Flick

when you ollie, try to flick your front foot out of the pocket of the board, the board will start to flip. Don't be scared, just JUMP UP!!!! and when the board flips all the way, stomp down

Step 4: PRACTICE!!!!

PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!! you will land it eventually, try to land upsidedown first.