Introduction: How to Lift the Front of Your 1992 Chevy Truck Without a Lift Kit!

I found a super easy way to lift the front end of my 1992 k1500 chevy.  I want to put bigger tires on my truck  but I cant afford an entire lift kit :( so me and my dad decided to experiment!  We had heard that just by cranking up the bolts on your torsion bars you can get some lift.  I had no idea how much lift I would get but I was pleasantly surprised when we gained 2" with room to go higher!  It did make my ride a little stiffer due to the fact that I reduced the amount of suspension given from my shocks so beware of going too high because you might end up busting a shock.

All you will need is a socket set, ratchet, and a tape measure.

Step 1: Measure

I wanted to know exactly how many inches I would be raising the front end so we measured from the bottom of my front fender to the ground.  Make sure you do this on a flat surface so you get an accurate measurement.

Step 2: Crank It Up!

Now we had to get underneath the car.  We located the bolts and keys that adjust the torsion bars.  Once we got the right socket, we simply tightened the bolts! Doing one side and counting how many cranks given you can ensure that when you do the other side your truck will remain level.  You don't want one side higher then the other because it not only looks weird but you will get uneven wear one your tires and shocks.

Once you have tightened the bolts several times on both sides you need to get in the truck.  Roll back and hit the brakes several times.  This helps settle the shocks and torsion bars at their new heights.  Turning the wheel back and forth helps as well.  

Step 3: Remeasure

Once you have settled the shocks and torsion bars to their new heights you need to remeasure to see how much lift you achieved.  If it is not tall enough, simply repeat step two until you are satisfied.  Remember not to over due it!  I hope this has helped those who want to gain a little lift for their trucks front end with no cost!  My next instructable will be on how to put in a block kit so you can level out the rear end with the front end.