Introduction: How to Light a LED or Regular Light With USB!!

This Instructable is going to teach you how to light a light bulb through a USB!!

SORRY: I currently have no camera so I can not load up any pictures!

BUT: I do have a scanner so I will do the best I can.

I guess you could use this when its dark and you don't have a light source or you want to save money. :P


You will need:

1) USB Cable. (Male Type A)
2)LED, regular light (what I used)
3) Electric Tape (I didn't have any so I used regular clear tape and burned it to mold it)
4)A Computer (duh... to power the light)
6)Wire Strippers

Step 2: USB Preparation

1) Cut USB cable to desired length.
2) Strip about 1 inch of the insulation.
3) There should be four wires, cut off the green and white wires.
4) Strip about 1/4 inch of the insulation of the red and black wires.

It Should Look Like This:

Step 3: Light Preperation

Do I really need to explain this?
If you really don't know, then make it so it looks like the picture below:

Step 4: Joining the Two

Just hook up the wires together. It doesn't really matter which way you do it.
if you have a soldering iron, than go ahead and use it.

Step 5: Plug It IN, Plug It IN!

Plug the USB into the Computer and wha-la!! It works!!

i'll try to upload a picture as soon as i can so you can see it actually works for all you non- believers.

Oh and, i found out that if the light is plugged in for about 10 minutes, it goes out. if anyone knows how to fix this problem, please contact me via email or comment. thank you.